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family fun

Good grief, they're outgrowing the pants you just bought!  Kids grow up so fast!  

One day, you'll look back and what will you remember? The constant minivan chauffeuring or some magically fun moments together as a family? 

There's something to celebrate everyday...and it doesn't have to be crazy hard or expensive.

hot for husband

Feeling a little more like roommates or co-managers of your household?  Dude, where's the spark?! 

Remember when you were dating and like, really liked each other? 

Your marriage is the foundation of your happy family.  Other than God, no other relationship is more important.  

Let's get busy* making your marriage more fun!

*pun intended

holiday magic

There's nothing more fun or memorable than the holidays. 

Check out these ideas for making your holidays extra special...

and sweetly simplified!!

homemaking made fun

Can homemaking be fun? 

Sure!! I know, I hate scrubbing toilets and picking up after people as much as you do, but when you simplify the things in your home, create routines, and finally get people to pitch in and help, it's actually fun! 

Think of it as a gift you give yourself...the gift of a lovely home!

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Have you ever read a blog and thought, "I could do that!" 

You can!!

Blogging is actually super fun and a totally legit way to make money at home. 

Follow the advice of someone who's been there... 

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