Who Is Martha?

Awake before dawn, I pored over my list one more time.

I had been planning this day for weeks.  The moment I heard he was coming with all his people, I started envisioning what I would serve and how I would decorate.

The bread was rising, the oven was preheating, and all the ingredients were lined up and ready on the counter.  This was going to be the best meal I’ve ever served!

By the time the guest started arriving, I was in full swing in the kitchen.  I popped my head around the corner to welcome them to our home with a warm and gracious smile.

Before long, the house was full of people.  And the kitchen was hopping.

“No, no, I’m fine!  You just sit and enjoy yourselves.  I’ll manage….” I called out.  I’ll manage just fine if Mary would get in here and do her part.  Where is she? I thought to myself.


I heard my sister’s laugh ringing in from the living room. Of course, she’s in there having a good time and not even thinking about feeding anyone.  

I had had enough.

I threw down the oven mitts and marched into the living room.  Sweetly, I smiled, “Excuse me.  I hate to interrupt, but there’s no way we are going to eat if I don’t get some help in this kitchen.  Tell Mary to come in here and help!”

That’s when it happened.  Our honored guest, the one I had waited weeks for, looked me straight in the eye and said,

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and anxious about many things, but only one thing is needed.  Mary has chosen the better portion, and it will not be taken from her.”

Mary had chosen relationship.
Mary had chosen to focus on actually BEING with our guests, not just impressing them.
Mary had chosen to make memories, not casseroles.
Mary had chosen to love and not worry.

Mary had chosen Jesus.

This is Martha’s story, embellished to relate to modern day Marthas.

My name is not Martha, but I’ve been her before. Perhaps you have too–worried and anxious about many things.

Do you worry about your house, your weight, your looks?  Impressing others?  Meeting expectations? Serving with your best self?

Do you worry about your kids? Your husband?  Your church?  Your family?

Are you anxious about your job, your money, your future?

Worry and anxiety comes so easily to women.  We have so many responsibilities.

It would be unrealistic to ask that we spend our entire lives “at the feet of Jesus”.   Afterall, someone has to cook the food!

But we find our way, like Martha did, by trusting him.  See, that’s not the end of her story!


I’m Christina.

(Get to know me here.)


I grew up admiring another famous Martha: Martha Stewart.  I loved Martha’s attention to detail, her classic clean, high-quality aesthetic, and her talent for hostessing.  Martha seemed to do everything right.  But her life fell apart.  Her marriage ended.  Her child grew up to mock her.  She even went to prison!  Martha may have done everything right in her home and hospitality, but she lost what truly mattered.

Just so there’s no confusion, this site is not affiliated with Martha Stewart. The Martha in reference in the title is from the Bible.

Then I discovered biblical Martha.  Another hostess extraordinare with an eye for detail and a heart for serving.  She, too, was focused on the details and nearly missed THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!

I decided that homemaking is a talent and a responsibility, but I won’t put it in the top priority of my life.  That place of honor belongs to the Lord.

Here at Martha, Martha, I write about living a life in Him, with Peace and Productivity.

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